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纽约禁行电动车 外卖小哥叫苦不迭

Electric Bike Ban in New York Hurts Food Delivery Workers

A ban on electric bicycles in New York City is hurting delivery workers who depend on them to earn a living. Many of the workers are immigrants.

Electric bicycles, or "e-bikes," have foot-powered pedals like other bicycles. But they also have electric-powered motors to assist riders in moving the bike forward. Most e-bikes reach speeds of about 32 kilometers an hour, but some can go much faster.

Aimin Liu often uses an e-bike to deliver up to 40 Chinese food orders all across Manhattan each day. He is 60 years old. He says an e-bike makes his job much easier.

"My legs are no good. I'm not capable of riding a regular bike. Both of my feet hurt. I have arthritis on both sides."

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