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The final GOP tax bill is taking shape. Here are the last-minute changes

WOODRUFF: The GOP tax plan moved closer topassage this evening, as some key Senate holdouts

signaled their support for the revised legislation.

Our own Lisa Desjardins joins us now fromCapitol Hill, to help explain what is in this

latest version of the tax bill.

So, Lisa, I know you've just come from a briefing.

This has been breaking late in the day.

But before I ask you what's in the bill, tellus quickly about those holdouts, who they

are and why they came back on board.

LISA DESJARDINS, PBS NEWSHOUR CORRESPONDENT:Two very big and yes votes for Republicans,


First, Senator Marco Rubio from Florida becamea yes today after he won some gains for the

child tax credit that he wanted.

It will now be refundable for lower incomepeople.

And then, secondly, one that I don’t thinkwe expected, Bob Corker of Tennessee, he was

the lone no vote on the Senate version, nowhe is a yes.

He said he was worried about the deficit,but he said after talking to people at home,

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