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Muslim Teen Author Who Writes Strong Women Finds She's a Role Model

Maryam Durrani is a typical American teenager with a wild imagination and a knack for telling stories about dungeons, dragons, kingdoms and young girls.

She wrote her first book in longhand at the age of 13. Later, after learning about a website called wattpad, an online community where readers and writers can discover new user-generated content, Durrani uploaded her stories to get feedback from readers.

"On one of my works, I received over a half a million reads. People are still reading it. I can see their votes and reads and comments on my work," Durrani said.

To date, Durrani's unpublished novel "Doubled Elements" has received more than 700,000 views on wattpad.

Positive reader feedback prompted the young author to self-publish and sell her books.

Now 18, Durrani credits much of her writing success to her parents. Her father, Irfan Durrani, helped get her books published while her mother fostered her passion for literature.

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