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Enjoying the Familiar and Unfamiliar at Brigham Young University

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It did not take long for Louise Rosa Paulsen to recognize that she needed something other than the traditional Danish higher education experience.

Paulsen is from Copenhagen, Denmark. The now 27-year-old started seeking a bachelor’s degree at the University of Copenhagen in 2010.

But right away she felt that she was very different from the other students there.

For one thing, she was completely uninterested in the culture of parties and drinking alcohol that was widespread at the school.

So after a year there, Paulsen decide to leave the school and travel for a while.

She moved to the United States and completed an internship with the human rights group Amnesty International. Then she moved to London, England to volunteer for the Mormon Church.

Paulsen joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in her teen years, although she had been raised as a member of the Church of Denmark.

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