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‘I, Tonya’ Reexamines One of America's Biggest Sports Scandals

Not long ago, Steven Rogers was watching a film documentary about Tonya Harding, an American figure skater in the 1990s.

As he watched the film, Rogers thought about social class, abuse, mass media and the meaning of truth -- all parts of Harding’s complex story.

In early 1994, shortly before the Winter Olympics, Harding and other top figure skaters had gathered in Detroit, Michigan, for the United States championships.

The placements there would decide who would join the U.S. Olympic team.

One of those skaters was Nancy Kerrigan. Many people thought she had a good chance at winning the Olympic gold medal.

But while Kerrigan was preparing for championships, a man attacked her. He hit her knee with a heavy club.

Harding’s former husband and two men he knew were charged with planning and carrying out the attack. Harding has always denied being involved in the assault.

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